Category Editorial

  • Editorial 01.04.21

    Five Lessons that the TYA Field Needs to Learn from Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical (Or, Why You Should Be Paying Close Attention to the TikTok Musical Movement)

  • Editorial 03.17.19

    Breaking the System

  • Editorial 10.31.18

    An Engine for Empathy TYA in a World of Rising Hatred

  • Editorial 10.15.18

    A New Standard for Working with Young Performers

  • Editorial 10.15.18

    Representation Isn’t a Bouquet of Strategy—It Takes Cultivation

  • Editorial 03.20.18

    8 Reasons TYA is Vital in 2018 A Message for World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People

  • Editorial 03.07.18

    Why TYA Theatres Should Pay Attention to “Black Panther” Success in Movie Theaters

  • Editorial 03.06.18

    What Are We Showing our Girls?

  • Editorial 10.17.17

    Making Space for Babies

  • Editorial 08.23.17

    How We Heal Creating a bold and encouraging vision of the future through TYA

  • Editorial 08.16.17

    Responding to Hate with Art and Action TYA as a Force of Change

  • Editorial 06.13.17

    Navigating Our Journey of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion