TYA/USA Professional Development Webinar – The Tasks Trials of the Executive/Managing Director in TYA

What is the the role of Executive/Managing Director in TYA theatre companies and in professional nonprofit theatre in general? Are we marketing and communications experts? Personnel management experts? Legal and financial experts? The answer is Yes to all of the above…and lets’ not forget, we’re also the chief fundraising officers for our organizations. And there’s also the arranged marriages many of us are thrust in to if we have artistic director partners. Why would anyone want this job?! So, spend an hour with us as we discuss the trials, tribulations, tears, and joys of bringing theatre to life for our unique communities of artists, schools, and families.Topics in play include: play commissioning agreements, collective bargaining agreements, personnel policies, employee rule books vs. guidebooks, cash flow strategies for cash strapped organizations, facility ownership and management, barely functional and dysfunctional business models, budgets and our tendency to balance them on the backs of our employees through sweat equity, partnerships – governmental, inter-agency, schools and school districts, fundraising, and professional development – both personally and company wide.

Featuring Steve Martin, Jay McAdams, and Nina Meehan