TYA/USA Professional Development Webinar: Guiding the Lightning Building a Culture of Innovation

This webinar will share strategies for setting “creative collisions” in motion to promote innovation, as well as approaches to strategic planning and reflection that help implement new ideas and support creative risk-taking.Now in its 40th season, People’s Light has made innovation part of its organizational practice. Five years ago, Artistic Director Abigail Adams and Producer for Arts Discovery Programs Wendy Bable began to intertwine the artistic work of the theatre with all education programs, threading the two together like strands of DNA to facilitate reciprocal influence on both artistic and education projects/programs. This shift required a re-structuring of staff and re-configuring of organizational structure to support this cross-pollination. As we fold our community partnerships into this model with initiatives like Community Matters and New Play Frontiers, we continue to break the mold of traditional regional theatre to discover new opportunities and survival strategies in an ever-shifting audience landscape.The session will be an interplay between presentation and reflection, giving participants the opportunity to identify spaces for innovation in their own artistic practice and work through possible action steps to set creative collisions in motion.

Featuring Abigail Adams and Wendy Bable