Planning for In-Person TYA Summer Camp 2021

Join TYA/USA for a roundtable webinar discussion featuring leaders from across the TYA sector to explore how we are planning for Summer 2021 amidst many unknowns.

Featuring Airielle Jacob, Angelo Cerniglia, Art Garcia, Chris Tennison, Jennifer Adams-Carrasquillo, Julia Magnasco, Michelle Long, Olney Edmondson, Stacey Koloski

We have collected resources in the following categories from the webinar panelists:

  • COVID Safety Protocol for in-person events/classes/camps
  • COVID policy language
  • Cancellation policy language
  • Marketing copy for camp this summer/brochure/etc

Sample Resources Can Be Found Here

The resources below were provided for exchange and shared learning from the webinar panelists:

  • Aierelle Jacob, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Alliance Theatre
  • Angelo Cerniglia, Education Director, The Children’s Theater of Cincinnati
  • Art Garcia, Technical Director, Miami Theater Center
  • Chris Tennison, Head of Academy, Trike Theatre
  • Jennifer Adams-Carrasquillo, Director of Education, Orlando Repertory Theatre
  • Julia Magnasco, Education Director, First Stage
  • Michelle Long, Director of Education, Children’s Theatre of Charlotte
  • Olney Edmondson, Center for Family Life (Sunset Park, Brooklyn)
  • Stacey Koloski, Co-Founder & Managing Director, STAGES Youth Theater