Navigating Staff Transitions

Navigating Staff Transitions
Featuring Calida Jones, Douglas Clayton, & Mireya Hepner

Changing expectations around staff positions and greatly increased turnover have become a reality in many of our organizations. This is requiring us not only to spend more time hiring, but to consider what fundamental ideas we need to shift as an ecosystem. In this presentation and discussion, we’ll focus on two:

– Everyone will leave eventually, and that’s OK!

– Emphasizing short term productivity over humanity does not help you!

Through exploring a rethink on these two ideas, we will go over a Staff Transition Roadmap that gives sixteen actionable steps (eight in-advance of a departure and eight in-the-moment) that can value the human beings in your organization and provide peace and stability in a tumultuous time for living.

Participants are recommended to review the following articles prior to the webinar:

–  In-Advance Staff Transition Roadmap

–  In-the-Moment Staff Transition Roadmap


– PDF of Slide Deck