Creating Immersive Theater for Families Online Behind the Scenes of THE WIZARDS OF OAKWOOD DRIVE

How can you create interactive and immersive TYA that utilizes the online platform as a vital part of the theatricality? Join the creators and producing team from La Jolla Playhouse for a conversation that will take you behind the virtual curtain on their latest hit for family audiences, THE WIZARDS OF OAKWOOD DRIVE.

Recruiting caregivers as secret stage managers in a piece designed to surprise young audiences, the production allows children to engage directly with actors on Zoom for a unique adventure that utilizes the entire home as part of the theatre experience. The conversation will explore the ways artists and theaters can use the virtual platform in new ways that captivate audiences at home.

In Conversation With: Tom Salamon (Writer/Director), Claire Chapelli (Actor), Sammy Bauman-Martin (Stage Manager), Mia Fiorella (Director of Sales and Marketing, La Jolla Playhouse)