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A Week-Long Summit Exploring the Emerging Artistic and Business Practices in Virtual Arts Programming for Children, Families, and Schools

December 7-11, 2020

How are TYA organizations and artists shifting their practice to serve their young audiences virtually? Over the last eight months, theatres and performing arts centers have moved their work from the stage to the small screen, experimenting with streaming performances, interactive experiences, and virtual field trips in the age of COVID-19.

In the midst of that experimentation, many questions have emerged: How do we shift our artistic processes and business practices to a completely new format? How are we pricing, contracting, and producing content? How are we reaching school and family audiences? What can we learn from each other? What will remain beyond the pandemic?

Join TYA/USA for a week-long summit that will bring together artists and administrators, representing over 40 different organizations, for a series of conversations unpacking the creative and business model of virtual TYA programming.


Co-hosted by Jonathan Shmidt Chapman (TYA/USA), Christine Cox (C Squared Entertainment), and Sarah Saltwick (Holden & Arts Associates).