When The Colours Ran Away (English)


Adi & Rohan are thrilled about their trip to the Art Museum. Rumours about a painting with colours the likes of which they’ve never seen has got them all the more excited. But once there, they notice something strange – the colours from the painting have all run away!

A digital performance, inspired by the paintings of Emily Carr, about two boys, errant colours and artworks imbued with life (literally!)

This piece was commissioned by the Vancouver International Children’s Festival for their 2021 edition.

Duration: 20 minutes

Writer & Director: C G Salamander
Illustrator & Director: Sahitya Rani
Animator: Studio Chitrakoothu
Cinematographer & Editor: Anand R Krishnan
Actor & Storyteller: Kavya Srinivasan

Trailer: https://youtu.be/6PuyrBl56Eo

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