Spells of the Sea

Metro Theater Company
Guinevere “Gwenny” Govea and Jon Gentry in the world premiere musical, SPELLS OF THE SEA. Photo by Jennifer A. Lin

Metro Theater Company, by special arrangement with Megan Ann Rasmussen Productions, presents the world premiere musical, “Spells of the Sea.” Finley Frankfurter is a 15-year-old fisherwoman who is terrible at fishing. H.S. Crank is a grumpy old lighthouse keeper who has been sitting for 20 years in the dark. Together, this unlikely pair begins an adventure through the ocean to find the Elixir of Life, an elusive remedy that will save Finley’s father from a mysterious illness. On their journey, the pair encounter mermaids and pirates, whirlpools and their worst fears, and finally a new understanding of the meaning of family, friendship, and trust in yourself.

Guinevere “Gwenny” Govea began Spells of the Sea in quarantined isolation and, with Anna Pickett, developed it into a podcast during the pandemic. Now, this unique tale breathes new life on the stage in this world premiere!

Continuing Metro Theater Company’s legacy of bringing the best new voices to the stage, don’t miss this soaring new musical by this brilliant young composing team!

Best for 8-year-olds, 18-year-olds, and 80-year-olds – and everyone in between! Run time is 60 minutes with no intermission.

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