Sharing Space In Outer Outer Space

Adventure Players Live!

Adventure Players Live! is proud to announce the second show of our third season, “Sharing Space In Outer Outer Space.” Performances run Friday, March 19th at 6pm EDT and Saturday, March 20th at 2pm EDT on Zoom. The show is best suited for kids ages 5 to 9, and families can buy tickets at

Female performers lead these adventures, and we highlight the resilience, perseverance, and success of incredible women throughout the history of space exploration. Also, floating through a ship and walking on the moon never get old! We hope you’ll join our mission as an honorary space cadet.

After welcoming our first Guest Artist in last month’s Season 3 debut, we are excited to welcome TWO Guest Artists for “Sharing Space.” Starr Kirkland will play Astronaut Starr, and Priscilla Villanueva will stage manage the production.

They’ll be joined by the show’s writer Jessica Giannone as Astronaut Mae and founding artist Mackenzie Sherburne as Astronaut Sally Sloth.

Adventure Players Live! is an ensemble of professional artists and educators who blend storytelling, music, art, and movement into interactive adventures for kids ages 5 to 9. Over Zoom, we have reached hundreds of families in over a dozen states, including New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, Michigan, Colorado, Montana and California–even Ireland. Coming off a fundraiser in November, we will offer discounted tickets to newsletter subscribers (sign up at the APL website), community advocacy groups, and families in need, as well as free tickets to members of Indigenous Nations.

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