Children's Theatre Company

In 2014, CTC worked with Twin Cities Public Television on a professionally produced taping of Seedfolks that the Theatre will provide for streaming March 8—21, 2021. In this stunningly-captured digital production of the play that The New York Times terms “a tour de force,” acclaimed actor Sonja Parks plays 11 different characters, including Ana, the nosey neighbor; Curtis, the weightlifter; and Kim, a young girl who plants six very special lima beans. As the garden grows, so does the community, blooming into something bigger, better, and beyond all expectations. Don’t miss this groundbreaking show that toured across Minnesota, the United States, and to Cape Town, South Africa! This production is on sale February 15, 2021.

Adapted from the book by Paul Fleischman
Directed for the stage by Peter C. Brosius
Filmed by TPT – Twin Cities PBS in October 2014
Best enjoyed by ages 8 and up
Streaming March 8 –21
On Sale: February 15, 2021

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