Nashville Children’s Theatre – Online Drama School – Spring Session 3 – Laugh Factory AGES 5-7

Nashville Children's Theatre

A Fully Digital, Online, and LIVE Interactive Experience to entertain and enrich student’s lives at home. Four weeks – 4 class meetings!

Ages: 5-7
Days: Thursdays OR Saturdays
Times: 4pm CT (Th) OR 10am CT (Sat) (each live session lasts 30-45 minutes)
Dates: Starting week of March 22

The factory is creating some of the best jokes in town! Kids find out what’s funny and harness that humorous energy into some seriously silly stuff. From slipping on banana peels to knock-knock jokes, this class has got all the laughs!

Each live session will feature interactive creative drama activities to engage your young actor at home. After each class meeting, students will receive at least two do-at-your-own-pace activities to continue the laughter at home.

This class is part of our Creative Drama series, which develops the same skills professional actors use by exploring ideas through theatre games and exercises. It’s an open-ended process, with lots of freedom to create the stories and characters that most ignite students’ imaginations.

Creative Drama
*Makes hearts strong by building empathy, teamwork, and self-confidence.
*Makes brains innovative by fostering focus and creative problem solving.
*Makes expressive communication blossom by developing the use of body, voice, and imagination.

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