Filament Theatre PlayDates: Breaking News–A Great Escape

Filament Theatre
Join Filament Theatre for a news-worthy performance made by you! (image shows a television camera, microphone and the words "this just in.")

Breaking News! This just in–young people creating and starring in an original video performance. Filament Universal News reports on a daring, yet-to-be-written tale of bravery and peril. Who escaped from where? How? Tune into F.U.N. to follow this developing story.

In this Filament Theatre PlayDate, virtual participants from all over work together to create a story in the style of a breaking news report. Characters may include a news anchor, reporters “on the scene,” and people involved in the events of the story. Participants learn character development, story structure, overcoming obstacles, performance skills and more! With Filament Teaching Artist Kristin Hammargren.

Suggested Materials: Basic coloring supplies, recyclables, or any other arts and crafts materials they may have on hand.

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