Especially on Birthdays

The PaperBoats
Especially on Birthdays by The PaperBoats

Part performance, part game, part celebration, Especially on Birthdays engages children in deeply human stories of friendship, play, giving, receiving, sharing, forgiving and understanding.

“Playful, interactive and visually striking. Especially on Birthdays explores existential issues relating to time, aging, friendship and conflict. And boy, were the kids into it.”
–Emma Halpern, American Theatre Magazine

Birthdays are the most anticipated days of every child’s life. Every child will relate to Especially on Birthdays in their own way according to their life experiences, interests and age. It’s a show with lots of action, amazing music by Matthew Wilder (Break My Stride, Disney’s Mulan) and very little language. Especially on Birthdays will evoke recognition, surprise, anticipation, joy, curiosity and wonder.

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