Dreamscape at Home (Non-verbal)


Dreamscape at Home, produced by ThinkArts, is an assemblage of sensorial experiences for children in a thoughtfully created environment, to allow children to dream and discover an imagined world through a digital art platform.

Based on an installation for toddlers conceptualised by Ruchira Das, Director, ThinkArts – the film is an exploration of materials (paper, wool, clay) and spaces (forest, sky). Short videos created by ThinkArts’ associate artists will take children on a journey traversing these materials and spaces and invite the grown-ups to imagine similar experiences in their homes.

Dreamscape at Home is part of the Wee Festival 2021, Toronto’s only contemporary arts festival dedicated to early childhood.

For Ages 1.5 to 3 years and their grown-ups

Event Duration 23 minutes

Trailer of the show recently presented at the WeeFestival, Toronto: https://youtu.be/GcHHMXIAzV8

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