Diamond’s Dream

Chicago Children's Theatre
Chicago Children's Theatre's DIAMOND'S DREAM

DIAMOND’S DREAM is a virtual puppet production that takes place on a CTA Red Line train traveling south through pandemic-era Chicago. Diamond, a pre-teen African-American boy, has fallen asleep on the train while on his way to visit his dying grandmother. When he awakes, time and reality have shifted, and he meets the ghost of a young African-American girl, a shape-shifting elder spirit who died of Spanish Flu 100 years ago to the date. Both are confronted with paranormal puppets and images representing society’s ills – ignorance, poverty and racism. While the spirit girl seeks only rest, Diamond comes to understand she must first be remembered in order to find it.

DIAMOND’S DREAM is the first new work to emerge from the Springboard Project, a new initiative launched in 2020 by Chicago Children’s Theatre to foster new works made especially for today’s young people. The piece was created by Jerrell L. Henderson and Caitlin McLeod.

Recommended for ages 9 and up.

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