Artrageous Artreach Master’s Series

The set for the Frida Kahlo episode

The Artrageous troupe includes students in their passion for performance and demonstrates how you can work as a team to create anything! This Artrageous Artreach experience includes four on-demand videos each focused on the integration of visual art, dance, and theater into telling the story of a piece of art or historical figure, plus a Q&A video featuring the most common questions asked by students at their live shows. Together your students can experience the thrill of witnessing giant masterpieces being created before your eyes in mere moments, and join the challenge to see if you can guess what is being created! Includes study guides and classroom support material.

This 5 part virtual field trip includes:
Segment 1: Creativity – Get a glimpse into the life and works of creative genius, inventor, engineer and artist Leonardo Da Vinci.
Segment 2: Inspiration – Overcoming a life of pain and adversity, Frida Kahlo found inspiration through her art.
Segment 3: Imagination – Delve in a world of mystery and imagination as we bring to life one of Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous paintings.
Segment 4: Teamwork – Meet Howard, Artrageous’ charming and delightful life-size, North American Bunraku puppet.
Segment 5: Community – Learn about the power of community as the troupe shares tales of life as a touring theatre community.

The full 5 episode program is available with a 45 day license period. Or, episodes can be made available individually for 2-3 weeks each so the program can extend over a longer period of time.

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