Art Interrupted: The Journal of Ben Uchida

Oregon Children's Theatre

On March 11, 2020, the cast and crew of Ben Uchida met at the Winningstad Theatre to perform their production to a full house of students coming for a field trip. As the morning continued and, one by one, schools canceled their trips, the sad realization that they had already performed their final show began to sink in.

Join Director Dmae Roberts, along with members of the cast and creative team, in a retrospective conversation and panel discussion on the themes of this important production, such as anti-Asian racism, segregation, concentration camps, and how those themes are still relevant today.

‘Art Interrupted’ is a four-part online series presented by Oregon Children’s Theatre, celebrating and honoring the work—and the artists—who abruptly stopped their creative process due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about the series visit the link on our website.

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