Art Interrupted: Last Stop on Market Street

Oregon Children's Theatre

In March last year, the cast and crew for Last Stop on Market Street were just beginning their creative journey. On March 11, the cast had met at the TriMet bus yard for a photoshoot; the excitement was palpable, with the cast beginning to bond. That was also the last day they would meet as a group, never being able to begin work on the show.

Join members of the creative team as they share their visions for the production and what it was like to have it closed before it started rehearsals; then, watch cast member Jade Hendrix perform a musical number from the show. Finally, join artist Patricia Alvitez for a shoebox diorama workshop!

‘Art Interrupted’ is a four-part online series presented by Oregon Children’s Theatre, celebrating and honoring the work—and the artists—who abruptly stopped their creative process due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about the series visit the link on our website.

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