Adventures in Sensory Drama Residency or Workshop

Children's Theatre Company

Recommended for Preschool+ | Age 3+

Use stories from books and your imagination to practice communication, collaboration, and other acting skills to engage in sensory experiences, exercise gross and fine motor skills, and practice mindfulness. To honor and celebrate the diversity of ways individuals of the disability and neurodivergent communities can process and enjoy sensory stimuli, activities are structured to be modified to each student’s sensitivities and interests. Adventures in Sensory Drama is a Sensory Friendly program specially designed for students with sensory sensitivities and processing differences.

CTC’s Virtual Residencies and Workshops allow you to from the leading theatre for young audiences wherever you are! Our teaching artists are experienced at facilitating engaging and inclusive learning opportunities for students while personalizing each experience to the needs and interests of your students and the learning goals of your classroom.
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