Tour Actor/Director

Dakota Players, an outreach of the Black Hills Playhouse / Sioux Falls, SD



The Black Hills Playhouse (BHP) is seeking Tour Actor/Directors for our touring outreach company, Dakota Players, which provides theatre education opportunities throughout South Dakota and surrounding states.

Audition materials should be limited to 2 minutes and include a song and a monologue. Please send all questions to This position works with children and other vulnerable populations. Pre-employment background checks and proof of vaccination against COVID-19 are required.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Student Auditions
  • Leading rehearsals (musical theatre experience preferred)
  • Student Workshops
  • Set up and tear down of set, sound, and lights
  • Minor costume repair
  • T-shirt/Music sales
  • Tour Business
  • Loading and unloading of tour vehicle
  • All aspects of production
  • BHP Support Staff

Contract Dates:

Sunday, July 8, 2023(negotiable) – Sunday, May 19, 2024 (with a break in December)


TOUR ACTOR/DIRECTORS are paid $600/wk salary. Tour Actor/Directors are responsible for their own meals while on tour. Housing is provided by the BHP while on tour or working at the Sioux Falls location.

The Black Hills Playhouse supplies the tour team with a tour vehicle and all needed props, costumes, sets, lighting/ sound equipment and workshop materials needed to fulfill the residency requirements.

The Black Hills Playhouse and Dakota Players are special places to learn and grow your expertise in your field. We hope you will join us as part of our education outreach programming for the Black Hills Playhouse.  It will be a fantastic year!   Below you will find information about the job and the outreach program.

Who we are:

Founded in 1999 as the Children’s Theatre Company of South Dakota (CTCSD) and becoming Dakota Players in 2010, Dakota Players addresses two serious voids in the arts in South Dakota. First, DP provides access to quality theatre experiences and professional theatre artists for children, targeting rural Midwestern communities; and secondly the company provides professional work opportunities in South Dakota for theatre artists.

It is our goal to teach and delight children, taking them to that wonderful place where magic, imagination, and reality come together. We teach theatre education to students starting in kindergarten and continuing through high school and beyond. All our touring scripts are original, and all musical productions are written and designed by Midwestern artists.

What we do:

  • The touring production of On the Road to Bremen Town
  • BHP Jr. Camps encourage creativity and exploration while giving students the opportunity to see the world through the diverse lens of the performing arts.
  • The Expanding Stage all-ability theatre productions
  • And More!

2023/24 Touring Production:

Show Synopsis: A certain man had a donkey, which had carried the corn-sacks to the mill untiringly for many a long year. But the donkey’s strength was going and the man thought it best that his old friend Donkey retire…

RETIRE?! Not THIS Donkey!

He’s still got a lot of livin’ to do! Donkey packs up his retirement gift, a Golden Harmonica, and sets out to Bremen Town to become a street musician.

On the road Donkey meets up with a dog, a cat, and the most rock a’ doodlin’ of roosters. Each of his new pals fears that their end is near, until Donkey convinces them to join him on the road. Together they become The Bremen Town Band.

Join the Band as they journey toward Bremen Town, discovering that life can be full of thrills and surprises. Living each moment to its fullest, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Show length: approximately 40 minutes

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