Part-Time Actors/Educators

TIGER / Plymouth, NH

Part-time Actors/Educators wanted for our 2020-2021 TIGER (Theatre Integrating Guidance, Education, and Responsibility) Season.

TIGER is an Emmy-Award-winning Educational Theatre Company based in Plymouth, NH that tours to schools throughout New England with its messages of hope and resilience in the face of difficult social issues faced by students today. In our 17-year history, we have reached over 500,000 children and young adults with our original productions.

Actors rehearse five days a week in September and begin touring three days a week in October through May. Pay is $11 per hour including hours spent driving to and from performances and any rehearsal time. It is a five-member cast who strives to be an inclusive, diverse and welcoming company. We seek actor/singer/dancers who have a desire to work with young people and to make a difference.

We hire only college graduates and seek to find individuals who share in the importance of the positive messages we share. Applicants must be willing to move to New Hampshire as TIGER is based in Plymouth, NH at Plymouth State University. TIGER members are employed by the University System of New Hampshire and are able to take advantage of University facilities.

Many TIGERS combine earning their masters in Integrated Arts at Plymouth State with a year of touring in a professional company throughout New England. Working closely with TIGER’s Artistic Director, Trish Lindberg, Coordinator of Integrated Arts Programs, successful applicants gain valuable experience with a company beloved by hundreds of schools, while at the same time earning their Masters degree.

TIGERS who opt to earn their Masters, need to pay for their degree program, but housing may be available to any TIGER, as long the TIGER member has a car. TIGER is a great opportunity for a new graduate from an undergraduate performing arts school, or program who has an interest in education and working in theatre for youth.


•a headshot

•a resume

•an audition video consisting of an original story of a time when the applicant was either bullied, was a bully, or was a bystander

•a musical number that showcases your voice, movement and acting



TIGER 2020-2021