Managing Director

National Disability Theatre / Permanently Remote



Organization: National Disability Theatre

Position: Managing Director (a new position for the organization)
Status: Part Time
Location: Permanently Remote

Application Deadline:  July 14, 2021

Salary: $40,000 annual salary for part time position (average of 20 hours per week) plus a stipend of $10,000 to support benefits.

National Disability Theatre (NDT) is seeking a part time Managing Director, who will lead the implementation of NDT’s strategic plan and develop a robust anti-racist and access-centered organizational structure. The Managing Director will work in tandem with the part time Director of Professional Development and Training, and will lead all aspects of organizational operations.  This key member of the leadership team will embody the organizational skills to uphold NDT’s mission, foster new relationships, and shepherd NDT through its next stage of growth and beyond.

Mission & Vision

NDT strives to create a brave, creative, theatrical space as free from oppression as possible. Click here for more about NDT’s mission and vision.

Organizational History

National Disability Theatre was founded in 2018. In spring 2019, NDT embarked on its first organizational partnership with La Jolla Playhouse, and began its strategic planning process. In fall 2019, the strategic plan identified two major needs 1) increase NDT’s focus and understanding of how to be an actively anti-racist organization 2) hire a Managing Director to lead NDT in its next stage of growth and beyond.


Organizational Structure

The founding vision of NDT’s organizational structure was one of radical flexibility. NDT strives to be a non-hierarchical learning community in which people can join our work part time and take advantage of other creative opportunities as well. NDT operates in a partnership model, working with individuals and organizations on a project to project basis. As a start-up organization, NDT has funding for two part time staff (the new Managing Director and Director of Professional Development and Training) at this time.  NDT also works with an Organizational Management consultant and a Social Media contractor.  All other staff/contractors are hired on an as needed basis.

NDT is governed by a small board of directors (3 members) and also has the counsel and assistance of theater professionals who serve on the Advisory Company (10+ members) and the Anti Racism Cohort (6+ members).  We have created a small and nimble governing board but are open to growing that group if desired by the incoming Managing Director.

About the role:

The Managing Director will steer NDT’s efforts to reach these Organizational Goals:

Strengthen NDT’s commitment to creating a radically inclusive, actively anti-racist, anti-oppressive organization while integrating access-centered values, structures, policies, and procedures
Define and develop a non-hierarchical, sustainable organizational structure
Expand NDT’s networks and partnerships to reflect the beauty, diversity, complexity, and artistry of disability.

The Managing Director will lead all aspects of organizational operations, including supporting the following areas: Production, Financial Management, Marketing and Communications, and Human Resources.


The ideal candidate will have Knowledge and Skills in these areas:

Partnerships and Community Leadership:

  • A demonstrated involvement in and deep knowledge of disability justice frameworks and other intersectional, anti-oppressive civil rights and social justice movements
  • Experience building vibrant, authentic, sustainable, collaborative partnerships
  • A passion for true community engagement and cross-sector alliances

Organizational Leadership:

  • Experience with leading, directing, or serving on engaged and responsive boards or a desire to learn these skills
  • Skill in communicating with flexibility and patience
  • Able to address potentially conflicting and/or multiple access needs and comfortable working in Crip Time.
  • Self empowered and willing to communicate needs


  • Passion for and proficiency producing live theatrical events
  • Knowledge of theatre contracts and the ability to negotiate contracts

Financial Management:

  • Skilled in budget development and in creating diverse streams of earned and contributed income
  • Able to develop and manage financial systems and protocols

Marketing and Communications:

  • Strong communication skills within digital spaces
  • Comfort designing social media calendars, especially creating and implementing advocacy and outreach efforts

Human Resources:

  • Experience leading or managing groups of people (volunteers and/or paid staff) for short- and long-term projects and goals
  • Knowledge of Human Resources responsibilities like hiring, benefits, evaluation, and other employment protocols or a desire to learn these skills

As an anti-racist, anti-oppression, access-centered organization, National Disability Theatre strongly encourages individuals with disabilities to apply, especially those who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian/Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern/North African, multiracial, and/or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Non-Binary, or Gender Non-Conforming.

To apply for this position, please choose one of the following options:

  • Complete this GoogleForm  (written Question and Answer format) OR
  • Email a Cover Letter and/or Resume

If you are more fluent in non-written communication, please email a link to a short video answering the questions in the GoogleForm.

For more information about NDT’s organizational structure, anti-racism work, and day to day activities of the Managing Director, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.