Manager of Produced Theatre and Theatre Education 

Midland Center for the Arts / Midland, MI

Position Title: Manager of Produced Theatre and Theatre Education

Supervisor: Director of Choral and Orchestral Activities

Classification: Full Time Exempt

Last Updated: May 24 2021


Midland Center for the Arts is a cultural destination where people find meaning and connection in their busy lives. One of Michigan’s largest non-profit arts organizations, the Center is a unique cultural complex located in the city of Midland, Michigan. The 275,000SF facility encompasses an auditorium theater (1500 seat) that presents touring Broadway and national artists and entertainers, a mid-sized theater (400 seat) for touring programs and locally produced theater, a four-story hands-on, interactive museum of science and art, a historical campus, and an in-house community theater and professional regional symphony.

World-class art and entertainment experiences are enjoyed by audiences from around Michigan and beyond and the Center strives to share cultures and stories that reflect the  diversity of our audiences and the world. We strive to provide a workplace and patron experience where all people feel welcome and engaged. Our organization celebrates diversity  in all of its forms, pursuing our mission as the cultural destination for our region and beyond. Our work reflects our community and our values as an inclusive and accessible home for art, science and history exploration. Our organization is committed to including voices of those varying in abilities, ages, ethnicities, gender identities & expressions, races, religions, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic backgrounds.


The Manager of Produced Theatre and Theatre Education is a collaborative and creative team  player dedicated to the advancement of youth theatre education and familiar with the breadth of  theatre repertoire for youth and adults. Familiar with the numerous processes that are involved  in youth and community theatre producing including the management and recruitment of  volunteer performers and crew, the manager is a critical member of the Center’s Programming  Department that oversees all performance-based programs that occur on stage at the Center’s  venues.

Working with the Education Department, the position also oversees alignment with youth theatre  curriculum and serves as a teacher teaching artist. The position also serves as the main  coordinator and point of contact for Center Stage Theatre programs, working with the Director of  Choral and Orchestral Activities and the Center Stage volunteer committees to select and  produce an annual series of events that provide opportunities for local theater artists, and  entertain local audiences.


  • Contributes as a member of the Programming Team in planning, concept development  and execution
  • Works alongside performing arts and education counterparts to advance Center’s  broader education goals
  • Liaison and facilitator to various committees involving education, youth and adult theatre


The duties of this position include, but are not limited to:

Education 50%

  • Work with Director of Education and Director of Choral and Orchestral Activities to  create vision for youth theatre program including more robust, broader courses and  performance opportunities.
  • In conjunction with Director of Education and Director of Choral and Orchestral Activities  recruit, interview, and hire qualified theatre education staff.
  • Collaborate actively with local educators within the region to recruit and retain student  participation.
  • Design and execute sequential youth theatre curriculum that fosters the development of  skills and high standards of performance.
  • Keep up to date on theater education trends and serve as a theater educator and/or  trainer

Theatre Production 50%

  • Plan, produce, execute and oversee community theatre season.
  • Work with Director of Choral and Orchestral Activities and Community Engagement  Manager to create equitable practices in recruiting and hiring creative teams while  leading and maintaining an inclusive work environment.
  • Facilitate the integration, cooperation, and coordination of facilities, technical and  creative teams.
  • In conjunction with Director of Choral and Orchestral Activities hire and manage all  community theatre creative teams and facilitate collaboration with appropriate internal  Center staff.
  • Work with Directory of Choral and Orchestral Activities to create community and  professional collaboration across artistic mediums.
  • Follow budgetary objectives as outlined by Director of Choral and Orchestral Activities  and Vice President of Programming.
  • Work with Director of Choral and Orchestral Activities and Community Engagement  manager to create a strategy to increase volunteerism on and off the stage, specifically  reaching areas outside of Midland and increasing inclusivity
  • Work with Programming Coordinator and creative teams to ensure comprehensive  audition and rehearsal schedule for all youth and adult theatre events.


  • Knowledge of youth and community theatre repertoire
  • Ability to communicate, collaborate and teach community artists of varying levels of  ability.
  • Proficiency in producing theatre
  • Commitment to story-telling across large and small forms.
  • Ability to engage and manage production and artistic teams.
  • Willingness to create and produce both within and outside traditional community theatre  mechanisms
  • Effective communicator, written, oral and public speaking
  • Commitment to develop positive working relationships with diverse populations, not  limited to ethnicity, heritage or race, but expanded across all historically marginalized  populations.
  • Ability to actively recruit and manage volunteers and advisory councils
  • Demonstrated project management/ organizational skills
  • Flexibility to grow and modify in harmony with a quickly changing world.
  • Commitment to actively remaining with the current industry and artistic trends and  networking.
  • Bachelor’s degree in theatre, musical theatre, theatre arts or other institutional  equivalent degree

Ideal characteristics (not all required)

  • Is comfortable on-stage hosting and speaking publicly.
  • Has the ability to write a youth theatre curriculum.
  • Is able and willing to teach courses/direct K-12 students.
  • Has the ability to direct theatrical projects with both community and professional artists
  • Possess a strong network of professional industry contacts.


Email cover letter and resume to:

Tina Siegmund, HR, Payroll & Benefits Manager