Executive Director

Southeastern Theatre Conference (SETC) / Greensboro, NC

Position: The Executive Director is the chief executive of the corporation. In addition to directing and overseeing the administrative operations, the position shares the leadership of the organization with the Board of Directors. The position helps define the organization’s vision and mission as well as assures that all current and proposed programs, products, services and events aligns with them.

Job Description and Responsibilities: The incumbent is hired by the Executive Committee and reports directly to them. The director is responsible for the organization’s stability, growth, fiscal acuity, resource development, producing the annual events and overseeing the general operations, staff and volunteers. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: fiscal management of the organization from budget development to execution; producing and overseeing the annual convention and fall events; negotiating on behalf of the organization; collaborating with the Board of Directors on strategic planning, advocacy and membership; managing current programs and services while developing new opportunities and resources; working closely with editors on publications’ content and supervising publications; presenting on behalf of the organization; overseeing branding, marketing and communications to align with our mission; collaborating with staff, board members and volunteers to define and meet the goals of the organization.

Education and Experience Requirements: The individual will have a strong background in leadership and management; excellent verbal, written and presentation skills; a proven financial record; strong computer skills; problem solving and analytical skills; promotional and motivational experience; adept at working closely and professionally with a diverse constituency internally and externally including board members, staff, volunteers and constituents. Employee is expected to have a background in the theatre or a related field, a bachelor’s degree and minimum of 7-10 years of related experience indicating increasing levels of responsibility.

Intellectual and Physical Requirements: Job performance requires a strategic and tactical mind-set; an out-going, energetic, self-motivated, creative, innovative, organized, service-oriented leader and team player. Must be able to create and nurture a positive work environment in which staff and volunteers can support the mission of SETC and engender an enthusiastic spirit of achievement. Individual should be a ‘people’ person who can manage high level multi-tasking at initiating ideas and supporting other’s ideas, as well as implementing the details to make ideas happen. Work which is accomplished both independently and collegially with varying degrees of direction requires flexibility and willingness to take on multiple and detail-driven tasks in a shared office environment to meet deadlines.

Incumbent must be able to represent the organization locally, regionally and nationally. Individual must also be able to support the board leadership behind the scenes within the context of the organization. Physical requirements range from sitting/operating a computer for extended periods to extended time on your feet. A substantial part of the job at the annual convention and at other events requires extended time on your feet and walking quickly to resolve challenges or attend different functions within a short amount of time. Small staff shares responsibilities of lifting, moving and/or carrying boxes and other materials to orchestrate convention and other events.

Essential Functions:

ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT: Negotiate and execute contracts on behalf of the organization; seek and secure sites for annual events; manage and oversee central office operations to include, but not be limited to, hiring, firing, managing, supervising, directing and annually evaluating staff; secure and supervise outsourced personnel. Supervise, develop and direct staff members in the performance of their duties; distinguish and delegate appropriately and give subordinates the authority to act; work closely with the Executive Committee on major organizational decisions.

POLICIES & BOARD RELATIONS: Implement current board and US governmental policies; collaborate with board to initiate, plan and implement new SETC policies; work with board to ensure practice and policy are consistent; attend all Board, Executive Committee, and other appropriate committee meetings; conduct research and/or prepare and submit recommendations relative to all matters requiring helpful facts, information, and reports needed to ensure members of the board will engage in informed discussions and decisions; oversee office staff’s support of the Board of Directors, including keeping archival materials. Maintains appropriate relations with Board members and various Committee Members and keeps them informed.

EVENTS, PROJECTS & PROGRAMS: Produce annual convention and other events making sure all aspects of the events are carefully planned, executed and fiscally viable; oversee implementation of current events, projects and programs; collaborate with board, staff, constituents to initiate, plan and implement new events, projects and programs.

FISCAL & BUDGETARY FUNCTIONS: Manage, oversee and be accountable for organization’s operational finances; present a proposed annual budget to the Finance Committee; ensure annual audit; presents quarterly financial statements for review by Treasurer, Executive and Financial Committees. Work with appropriate committees and financial investor on behalf of maintaining a solid portfolio of investment; communicate financial results to the Board. Develop financial resources through planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating sponsorships and fund raising programs in accordance with the mission of SETC. Seek grants and/or sponsorships for programming, events, projects and endowment awards.

PROMOTION & PUBLICATIONS: Represent the organization at appropriate events, maintain and cultivate connections with theatres, local/national/regional arts service and advocacy organizations; oversee internal and external marketing and communication, publications and advocacy. Supervise the publication of SETC News, the Theatre Job Board, Southern Theatre and Theatre Symposium and contracts with editors and publishers.

LEADERSHIP: Work collaboratively and in partnership with Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and Committee Members to fulfill SETC’s mission and vision in governance and programming; engage in strategic planning with the board; provide leadership and direction for implementation of decisions and approved plans; guide Executive Committee regarding the need for adjusting, expanding or adding new programs, projects and events; provide “operational leadership” for SETC Central Office; offer professional and leadership development and training opportunities for board and staff.

Work Schedule: Full-time position. Attendance is required at the Annual Convention and occasionally at meetings and state events during hours outside the normal work week. Must be able to work extended hours as necessary to meet deadlines or to achieve the responsibilities of the position.

Apply Online: Applicants should submit a letter of application detailing their particular interest in SETC, a statement of administrative and leadership philosophy, a current resume and the names and contact information of five professional references.

Please send all materials electronically to: edsearch@setc.org. Screening of complete applications will begin July 1, 2018 and continue until the position is filled. SETC actively pursues widely diverse pools of qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, gender identity or national origin. Salary and benefits are competitive and commensurate with experience and qualifications.