Charge Artist / Property Manager

Lexington Children’s Theatre / Lexington, KY


$29,000 plus $7,000 in benefits (health insurance, retirement contribution) 

Position: Charge Artist / Property Manager

Reports To: Producing Artistic Director

Compensation: $29,000 plus $7,000 in benefits (health insurance, retirement contribution)

About Lexington Children’s Theatre: 

Lexington Children’s Theatre’s (LCT) mission is to create imaginative and compelling theatre  experiences for young people and families. Our vision is to impart, explore, foster, and develop  artistry at all levels and ages in every theatrical discipline and educational opportunity through  inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible programming and practice.

Now in its 83rd season, Lexington Children’s Theatre is the state youth theatre of Kentucky and  serves over 120,000 young people and families in a season. Over the past year, LCT has  maintained, and in many ways strengthened, its dedication to arts accessibility through  streaming performances, virtual classes, and innovative ticketing models. As the company looks  to once again welcome audiences to the theatre and travel to schools throughout the state via  touring performances, the organization maintains its dedication to the vitality of storytelling  and the role it can play in the lives of young people. It is through diverse, engaging, and  imaginative stories, theatre for youth will impact the futures of our young people in support of  a better tomorrow.

About the position:  

Reporting to the Producing Artistic Director (PAD) and working closely with the Technical  Director (TD), the Charge Artist / Properties Manager (CA/PM) helps to supervise scene shop  personnel as they execute Lexington Children Theatre’s (LCT’s) extensive programming. While primarily responsible for overseeing any paint and property elements for LCT, they also work  with the TD and other scene shop personnel to accomplish other areas of production, including  construction, audio, lighting, and projections.

The CA/PM executes, supervises, or facilitates the painting efforts on each show including  mixing paint colors, priming, and laying in colors, interpreting renderings, and painting details  according to the designer’s plans. The CA/PM also performs (or oversees) specialized scenic art

techniques as required for a production. The CA/PM is responsible for the projected budgeting,  acquisition, and maintenance of the paint room inventory.

The CA/PM is additionally responsible for executing (or supervising execution) of all properties  (which may include set dressing, furniture, hand props, and at times puppetry) for productions, executing or ensuring the delivery of related paperwork (including budget estimates), sketches,  renderings, plots, prop dossiers, and management duties etc. as necessary.

  • Uphold and implement LCT’s mentoring philosophy, mission, vision, values, and goals  statements.
  •  With the TD, facilitate and guide the careful, safe, and effective production of technical  elements (scenic, properties, lighting, audio, and media) with an emphasis on scenic  artistry and properties for all LCT programming.
  • With the TD, ensure that all tools and equipment in the scene shop and theatres is  functional, appropriately maintained, dependable, and organized.
  • With the TD, ensure that all workspaces in the scene shop and theatres are functional,  appropriately maintained, safe, and organized.
  • Ensure that safety equipment is available to personnel as needed.
  • Work in partnership to create realistic yearly budgets and cost out estimates for  individual shows, tools, and materials for all aspects of production including personnel.
  • Purchase and acquire materials and equipment necessary to the successful completion  of projects.
  • Track, document, and reconcile production expenses in the budgeting database.
  • With the TD, participate in and provide accurate record keeping and inventory of  technical elements for touring and regional performances as well as documenting  storage for any potential restaging.
  • Supervise shop staff, volunteers, over hire laborers, and guest artists as applicable.
  • May be required to act as a technical representative during performances.
  • With the TD, manage all shop personnel and facilitate communication with designers to ensure delivery deadlines (and maintenance) are accomplished in a timely manner.
  • Maintain open communication with Scenic and Property Designers, and acts as the  designer’s eyes when they are not in house.
  • May be asked to be the scenic designer and/or coordinator for the shows on the season.
  • Attend all designer runs and technical rehearsals.
  •  Attend production, design, and staff meetings. Attends other miscellaneous meetings  (Season planning, feedback, and response, etc.) as needed / desired.
  • With the TD, organizes, oversees, and participates in all aspects of installation, runs,  strikes, and rentals in our home facilities and regional venues as needed.
  • Works with the TD and PAD to find time, staff, and equipment for rentals of the Main  Stage.
  • Assists the TD in reviewing the calendar for the upcoming season, ensuring that it is  manageable for scene shop personnel.
  • Shall serve as a mentor and advocate for the production interns and, when working  interdepartmentally, other production personnel in accordance with LCT’s commitment  to the advancement of young professionals in the field of theatre, with the organization  personnel flow chart as a guide.
  • Work with the TD to hire labor as needed.
  • Participate as needed for rentals, special events, fund-raisers, performance workshops,  and limited facility maintenance, etc.
  •  Coordinate with personnel at offsite warehouse to pick up and drop off scenery.
  • With the TD, maintain communication with the tour company to oversee and facilitate  timely repairs to scenery, props, and sound while they are on the road.
  • With the TD, facilitate all rentals to other organizations including documentation of  billing, departure and return for all items.
  •  Coordinate with the facility manager to maintain and organize the paint supplies and  equipment of the building paint inventory.
  • Strive to see the big picture and work toward anticipating and solving problems.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned.

Compensation: Salary plus benefits. The range of benefits includes fully paid medical insurance ($6000 a year), paid time off, a paid two-week holiday break, and retirement plan with up to 3%  of salary match from the company ($870).

To Apply: Applicants interested in applying for this position must email cover letter, resume,  and portfolio samples, by July 21st to

Should you advance to a finalist for this position, successful completion of background  screening will be required, including references.

No phone calls please.

Lexington Children’s Theatre is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified candidates will  receive consideration for employment without regard to race, class, religion, country of origin,  political belief, (dis)ability, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, or  any factor protected by law. Members of underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.