TYA/USA on Tour @ First Stage – Marc Brown Keynote

Content Warning: This recording includes curse words that are not suitable for a young audience.

Marc Brown
Keynote Speaker – Author & Illustrator of the “Arthur” series

Marc Brown is the author and illustrator of the bestselling  Arthur series and executive producer of ARTHUR on PBS. The show  has won seven Emmys, the Peabody Award, The 2019 Television  Critics Award and is now the longest running children’s animated  show in history. The Arthur books have sold more than 75 million  copies and the show is seen by children all around the world. He is  currently working on HOP, a new animated preschool television series  and two other television productions based on book collaborations  with R.L. Stine.

“When my three sisters and I were growing up near Erie,  Pennsylvania, our grandmother Thora told us the most wonderful  stories anytime we wanted them. Back then I never dreamed I would  grow up to tell stories of my own,” says Marc Brown. “But when my  first son, Tolon, was born, I started telling him stories every night  before he went to sleep. Most of the stories were about animals. One  night our story was about an aardvark who hated his nose. The  aardvark, of course, was named Arthur, and that story  became Arthur’s Nose, the first book in the Arthur Adventure series.”

What began as a simple family ritual soon grew into a full-time  profession for Marc Brown. Trained at the Cleveland Art Institute, he  went on to create more than one hundred and thirty picture books  for children. Before his current success, Marc worked at many jobs,  including stints as a truck driver, soda jerk, actor, chicken farmer,  television art director, short order cook, and college professor.

Marc is married to psychologist and artist, Laurie Krasny Brown. They have collaborated on the bestselling Dino Life Guides for Families and  divide their time between New York City and a small farm on Martha’s Vineyard. They have three grown children and two cats on dietary restrictions.