TYA/USA Virtual Conference 2021

The 2021 TYA/USA Virtual Festival & Conference is adapting and changing to respond to the needs of our national TYA community. Spread out over the course of the year, TYA/USA will offer four themed conference opportunities that bring the field together virtually as we move from recovery to reopening.


Join us May 3-12 for RECHARGE TYA, a series of keynote presentations, workshops, and participatory artistic provocations focusing on self-care, healing, reconnecting, sparking inspiration, and reflecting on the lessons learned in a year like no other. Get inspired by a festival of performances that demonstrate the range of innovation, ingenuity, and resilience of our TYA field over the past year. Participate in a day of interactive open space and networking as we experiment with a new video conferencing platform, SpatialChat.

This 5-day event spread over two weeks will offer attendees the opportunity to reflect on the lessons of the pandemic year, to celebrate our colleagues and the innovations discovered in the social constraints of COVID, and to gain inspiration as we move closer to full recovery.


Our 2021 Sponsors

We thank our generous sponsors for their support of the 2021 TYA/USA Virtual Festival & Conference.

Gloria Bond Clunie • Elisabeth Cooper • Bob Evans • Teresa Fisher • Robyn Flatt • Alicia Fuss • Moses Goldberg • Miriam Gonzales • Brian Guehring • Dwayne Hartford • Min Kahng • Barry Kornhauser • J. Casey Lane • Patrick Lord • Gillian McNally • Kendra Norton Dando • Jordyn Prince • Kevin Quillinan • Megan Ann Rasmussen • Ana Romes • Roxanne Schroeder-Arce • Gayle Sergel Brown • Christine Sheehan • Mary Hall Surface • Louisa Thompson • Susan Wood • Suzan Zeder

  • 5 Days
  • 1000+ Attendees
  • 12 Performances