Decentering Whiteness in Touring & Presenting TYA (Presented in association with IPAY)

Join TYA/USA, in partnership with Arts in Color, in a national conversation on addressing the racism and oppression that impacts the entire TYA industry in personal, professional, and systemic ways.

How can Presenters, who curate domestic and international performances for young audiences for their local communities, take an active role in reflecting their audiences on stage? How can the Presenting field interrogate the ways that white supremacy can impact notions of “Quality” in aesthetics of TYA? Join a panel of presenters for a roundtable discussion unpacking the challenges and the opportunities for creating a more equitable landscape in touring and presenting TYA in the US.

Over the course of a 11-session webinar series we will explore a variety of issues and perspectives regarding the ways artists and organizations can begin to (or further) embed antiracist practice in Theatre for Young Audiences.

In addition to the 11 webinars, participants will be provided with reading materials, resources, follow up questions to deepen their learning, and a Slack Channel for further dialogue. Join colleagues across the country in actively engaging with ways to dismantle racism and white supremacy in the TYA field, and work toward making (or sustaining) meaningful change in creating a truly equitable landscape for our artists, organizations, and our young audiences.